Why choose Dunamis NRG for your Solar system in Kansas City


#1 - It's an investment

It's true that solar is a great investment tool. It is one of the few that will guarantee a return on your dollar.

#2 - The Federal Tax Credit

The Government does help you pay for this investment. How many investments can honestly say they will get 30% paid for you? Not many.! Keep in mind this is not a forever tax credit. This is going away quickly so get it while we all know it is still in effect.

#3 - Environmental

Now, this used to be a debated subject. In 2017, however, there is no debating that the climate and world we live in is progressively getting more polluted. As people live longer, the populations grow and grow and our carbon footprint becomes a larger and larger issue. Going solar is a HUGE step towards improving our environment.

#4 - Asset or an Expense In Missouri?

Right now you throw hundreds of dollars towards the local Power Company. How much of that money do you get in return?

What if you paid the exact same amount  but now it increased the value of your home? What if by making that payment you guaranteed no more price increases from your electric company?

#5 - Being a Positive Influence in Kansas

Many of us would like to say we lead instead of follow. Many times this is easy to do or something we do and don't even realize. We have installed a lot of solar in this region the past two or three years but we haven't begun to impact our local communities in the positive way we need. I have noticed over the years that some of you have done just that. Taken the lead in your neighborhood. Congratulations on taking that step and for being that example!

#6 - Because it's the Right Thing to do!

SOLAR PANELS In Kansas City:

Solar in Kansas City, Mo. makes sense for you from an investment standpoint both as an asset and saving money each and every month.

It makes sense to start the journey with a new solar system that produce zero emissions and lessening our carbon footprint.

It makes sense to show the world that we can be just as advanced and as they can and build a world our children and their children can prop